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Weekly Topics/Lesson Plans

Week: February 12-16, 2018


Mrs. Neely will be teaching this subject. Please refer to her for weekly lessons.

Story of the Week: "The Kite"

Mrs. Neely will be teaching this subject. Please refer to her for weekly lessons.


 Checkout this cool website.  It is a fun way to
practice and learn the spelling list each week. Use the link below to find the current week's story list.
Weekly Lesson Target(s)

*  Long i:  i, y, and igh
We will have the pre-test on Wednesday. Any words missed by students on Wednesday will be retested on 
Friday's Final Test. 

Spelling List
Story: "The Kite"

 find    night    by    kind    right    my    never    head    should    ball    shout

Unit 4 Lesson Target(s)

*  Verbs

Irregular Verbs:  has/have
Contractions:  hasn't /haven't
Irregular Verbs:  go/went
Irregular Verbs: do/did
Contractions:  don't/didn't
Irregular Veerbs:  see/saw
Irregular Verbs:  say said

Book Titles

Study Skill:  Map

Vocabulary:  Antonyms

Test every Friday.  5 questions and a writing section (worth 17 points as of 1/11/18).

We are learning about writing sentences.  Every sentence must start with a capital letter, end with punctuation, make a complete thought, and have all the words in order.  There is also a weekly grammar quiz each Friday.  
We are constantly working on writing sentences that begin with a capital letter, end with punctuation, and contain a complete thought.  This will be something we will do all year long.  Please remind your student that it is important to begin and end a sentence correctly. 

Unit 4 Lesson Target(s)

* Verbs


*  Adverbs:  Time Order Words

Short Quiz every Friday. 2 questions (worth 2 points). 

One goal for writing is to restate the question to answer it. 
For example: 
What is your favorite day of the week?  My favorite day of the week is Sunday.
We practice this skill every day with a daily journal question. 

Another important goal for writing in the 1st grade for the student to be able to write a paragraph containing 4-5 sentences that stay focused on the topic.  
For example:
Student is asked to write about their favorite animal.  The student would write about only one animal and give many details about that one animal and not mention other animals.       
Encourage your child to write as neatly as possible.  It is important that the writing is legible.  As I
remind the students often, their handwriting must be legible to become a superstar 2nd grader (which 
is the goal for every 1st grader).  Please remind them to take their time and write neatly!! 

Penmanship Grading 
(not an "official" grade)

Q=Quality Work
Q4= 2nd Grade Level
Q3=1st Grade Level
Q2= Below 1st Grade Level (needs work)
Q1=Needs a lot more practice!!!

Your student will copy a weekly poem to practice their penmanship skills. I am already seeing progress.

Social Studies

We use a "Weekly Reader/Scholastic News" to learn about various Social Studies and Science topics

"Weekly Reader/Scholastic News" and "Ag in the Classroom"

Character Counts

Six Pillars of Character

Character is the person you are when no one is watching....Do you have good character or not so good character????