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CORRECTION DIRECTIONS: On a separate piece of paper, write the complete question and complete correct answer.  Show your work if necessary.  Staple this sheet of paper to the original assignment and turn in to the yellow basket.  Half-credit will be added for every correct correction.  Anything that is graded may be corrected and turned in the NEXT DAY.  Spelling tests are the exception because students already have two chances. CORRECTIONS ARE DOUBLE-FOLD! STUDENTS HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ANSWERED INCORRECTLY AND THEY GET POINTS ADDED TO THEIR GRADE!! CORRECTIONS CAN REALLY HELP STUDENTS!

I hope everyone had a great break! Now it is time to complete the down-hill slide of our 6th grade year.  We still have a lot to learn, PARCC test preparation, and memories to make! 

    Monday:  We will begin our new classroom novel, A Bridge to Terabithia.  Students will have a packet to be responsible for that checks for comprehension of the chapters. We will also talk about point of view. 
       Spelling- "Time for Kids" list beginning on 77. 
       Grammar: Common errors with Plurals and Possessives (pg. 106 & 107)
            Homework: Spelling pages 77 and 78. Students must write the words as well. 
    Tuesday: A Bridge to Terabithia: Chapter 2; making a visual story
        Spelling- pgs. 79 & 80
    Wednesday: A Bridge to Terabithia: Chapter 3; what if you were...
         Spelling- write words and complete pages 81 & 82

    Thursday: A Bridge to Terabithia: Chapter 4; character traits & foreshadowing
      Spelling- Practice test
    Friday: A Bridge to Terabithia: Chapter 5; point of view & 1-4 review quiz and 
      Spelling- Test

Math: We will do a review Math bell ringer everyday.  This helps to review previous material and preview 6th grade math curriculum.  We are ready for Chapter 7: Algebra: Expressions
    Monday: 7.4: Identify Parts of Expressions
            Homework: 7.4 all
            Target: I can describe the parts of an expression.
    Tuesday: 7.5: Evaluate Algebraic Expressions and Formulas
            Homework: 7.5 all
            Target: I can explain how to evaluate an algebraic expression or formula. 
    Wednesday:Mid-chapter checkpoint
                    Homework:Mid-chapter checkpoint
                    Target: I can recall and perform the first 5 lesson's targets. 

     Thursday: 7.6: Use Algebraic Expressions
                     Homework:7.6 all
                     Target: I can use variable and algebraic expressions to solve problems. 

     Friday: 7.7: Problem Solving: Combine Like Terms
                    Homework: Completed in class
                    Target: I can use the model strategy to combine like terms. 

Students should be working on IXL target D and Y for Chapter 7.

Social Studies: Studies Weekly-"Alexander the Great"- Greek Origins (from last week) and Mapping and charting
Science: Unit C (observing the Sky) and D (The Restless Earth) deal with Earth Science
    Chapter 6: The Solar System and Beyond
         Lesson 4: The Inner Solar System, Lesson 5: The Outer Solar System, Lesson 6: Stars, 
                Lesson 7: Galaxies and Beyond 
Chapter 6 Test is projected to happen around January 19th

*Expect homework on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  It is very possible for your child to complete some homework in class due to the time used wisely in class. 

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