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CORRECTION DIRECTIONS: On a separate piece of paper, write the complete question and complete correct answer.  Show your work if necessary.  Staple this sheet of paper to the original assignment and turn in to the yellow basket.  Half-credit will be added for every correct correction.  Anything that is graded may be corrected and turned in the NEXT DAY.  Spelling tests are the exception because students already have two chances. CORRECTIONS ARE DOUBLE-FOLD! STUDENTS HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ANSWERED INCORRECTLY AND THEY GET POINTS ADDED TO THEIR GRADE!! CORRECTIONS CAN REALLY HELP STUDENTS!

Week 10: October 15
    Monday: Tuck Everlasting chs. 19-21
        Spelling: Tuck #2 list; write words 5 times
        Language: Possessive Nouns- pgs. 51-53
        Homework: All Spelling will be due Wednesday.
 I can identify and spell possessive and plural possessive words correctly. 
    Tuesday: Tuck Everlasting chs. 22-23
        Spelling- Tuck #2- Write the sentence from the text, definition, and your own sentence for 
                    each word. 
        Language- Plural Possessive Nouns pgs. 54-55
        Homework: Language review Wednesday, Practice Spelling test Wednesday

    Wednesday: Tuck Everlasting- chapters 24 & 25 and questions
        Spelling: Tuck Everlasting #2 practice test
        Language- Possessive Noun Review
        Homework: Spelling test tomorrow; All Tuck questions should be answered
 Thursday: Tuck Everlasting- Epilogue and quiz; Students will also be able to take the AR
       Spelling: Tuck #2 test
        Homework: None


Math: We will do a review Math bell ringer everyday.  We will be starting Chapter 3: Integers.  Please remember that if you are running into trouble on homework, check your lesson (completed in class) first, and then we can review at lunch recess.

        Monday: 3.9: Distance on the Coordinate Plane
                    Target: I can find the distance between two points that lie on a horizontal or vertical 
                                line on a coordinate plane. 
                     Homework: 3.9 (no #12)

       Tuesday: 3.10: Problem Solving: The Coordinate Plane
            Target: I can use the strategy draw a diagram to help solve a problem on the coordinate 
             Homework: 3.10 all

       Wednesday: Chapter 3 review
                    Target: I can determine and locate rational numbers.
                    Homework: Test tomorrow

        Thursday: Chapter 3 Test
                Target: I can determine rational numbers, their opposites, and locate them on the 
                        coordinate plane. 
                Homework: None

        Friday: Encampment Field Trip

IXL standards are great practice for students at home.  Most of our lessons directly coincide with IXL targets.

Science: Unit B: Organization of Living Things, Chapter 3: From Cells to Organisms, Lesson 1: Structure of Living Things, Lesson 2: Parts of a Cell, Lesson 3: Movement and Nutrition in Cells, and Lesson 4: Reproduction and Growth.  
    *We will take a short break from the book and explore our organs and their functions.*

Social Studies: We are starting our Studies Weekly newspaper articles.  Each week we will read together and/or in groups.  Students then complete comprehension questions as well as writing assignments.  Each week has a 10 point comprehension quiz that students will turn in.  They are allowed to use their newspapers. 
            Week 1: The Age of Discovery
            Week 2: Early American Settlements
            Week 3: Comparing Colonies         
            Week 4: Slavery in the Colonies
                Vocabulary: overseer, slavery, plantation, Supreme Court, exports, executive order, 13th 
                        Amendment, and Constitution
            Week 5: Tension Between the Colonies and Britain
                Vocabulary: power, representation, claim, French and Indian War, tension, tax, repealed, 
                        and patriot
            Week 6: Independence
                Vocabulary: Parliament, tension, repeal, intolerable, seize, delegates, protest

*Expect homework on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  It is very possible for your child to complete some homework in class due to the time used wisely in class. 

In order to receive information about upcoming events and/or reminders, pleasetext the message @fes6thgra to 81010

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Feel free to email me with any concerns at  Please call the office for immediate messages.  Sometimes we are just having too much fun to check emails :)