Mrs. Woodward

CORRECTION DIRECTIONS: On a separate piece of paper, write the complete question and complete correct answer.  Show your work if necessary.  Staple this sheet of paper to the original assignment and turn in to the yellow basket.  Half-credit will be added for every correct correction.  Anything that is graded may be corrected and turned in the NEXT DAY.  Spelling tests are the exception because students already have two chances. CORRECTIONS ARE DOUBLE-FOLD! STUDENTS HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ANSWERED INCORRECTLY AND THEY GET POINTS ADDED TO THEIR GRADE!! CORRECTIONS CAN REALLY HELP STUDENTS!

    Monday: NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day
    Tuesday:Loser by Jerry Spinelli
        Writing: Argumentative Essay dealing with The Westing Game
    Wednesday: Loser
        Writing: Argumentative Essay
        Homework: None
    Thursday: Loser

    Friday: LAST DAY BLAST 

Math: We will do a review Math bell ringer everyday.  WE have completed our GO Math series!  We will continue to review problem areas and prepare for 7th grade Math. 

   Tuesday: Calculating angle measurements
                    Target: I can identify complementary and supplementary angles. 
                    Homework: Angle Measurements worksheet

       Tuesday: Calculating Angle measurements
            Homework: Vertical, Complementary and Supplementary Angles measurements
            Target: I can determine the measurements by using vertical angles. 
       Wednesday: Angle Measurements 
                    Target: I can determine all angle measurements. 

        Thursday: Tax and discount percentage review
                Homework: Review worksheet in class
                Target: I can change a percent to a decimal in order to multiply.  I can also determine 
                        when to add or subtract numbers in order to find the final price. 

        Friday: LAST DAY BLAST

IXL standards are great practice for students at home.  Students should be able to do any IXL standard.  

*Expect homework on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  It is very possible for your child to complete some homework in class due to the time used wisely in class. 

In order to receive information about upcoming events and/or reminders, pleasetext the message @fes6thgra to 81010

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Feel free to email me with any concerns at  Please call the office for immediate messages.  Sometimes we are just having too much fun to check emails :)