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Welcome back to school!  We are off to a great start for a great year!! I try to update this website each Monday to help communicate what will be happening in the classroom.  This schedule may change due to how our classroom lesson goes.  I encourage you to obtain your student's Information Now log-in to look at their grades.  PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if you ever see any problems in their grades.  I have and will make mistakes unfortunately.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend quality time with your child while they learn! 

Week 1: August 15-17
We will begin working on basic reading comprehension and writing activities to "warm up" for our curriculum that will begin next week.  You should see "First Day Butterflies", "The First Day of School", and "School House" come home completed this week.  These include writing assignments that will be completed in class. 

Math will consist of a review so we will be ready to start our Go Math series on Monday. Multiplication and division facts are always in need of practicing.  5th grade standards will also be reviewed to refresh our brains for the upcoming year. 

Continents, oceans, U.S. states and capitals will be reviewed.  

We will also complete "First of the Year" items that will be used in the hallway for display, to help me become familiar, and throughout the year in individual data folders. 

Please let me know if you have any concerns!

CORRECTION DIRECTIONS: On a separate piece of paper, write the complete question and complete correct answer.  Show your work if necessary.  Staple this sheet of paper to the original assignment and turn in to the yellow basket.  Half-credit will be added for every correct correction.  Anything that is graded may be corrected and turned in the NEXT DAY.  Spelling tests are the exception because students already have two chances. CORRECTIONS ARE DOUBLE-FOLD! STUDENTS HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ANSWERED INCORRECTLY AND THEY GET POINTS ADDED TO THEIR GRADE!! CORRECTIONS CAN REALLY HELP STUDENTS!

Week 2: August 20th
    Monday: We will discuss Rescue Teams.  We will also read "Sam's Summer" and discuss the 
        Spelling: pages 1 and 2
        Language: Sentence/Sentence Fragments (pg. 2)
        Homework: Practice book O- page 1 and 2
    Tuesday:Read "Summer of the Swans" and complete key terms page
        Spelling- pages 3, 4 and 5
    Wednesday: Read "Summer of the Swans" independently and complete story map
        Spelling: page 6
        Language- Kinds of Sentences/Punctuating Sentences (pgs. 4 and 10)
        Homework: Language worksheet
 Thursday: Read "Summer of the Swans" and complete "Multiple-meaning Words" page
       Spelling: Practice test
        Writing:Editing sentences

    Friday: Reading test
      Spelling: Test

Math: We will do a review Math bell ringer everyday.  We will be starting Chapter 1: Whole Numbers and Decimals.  Please remember that if you are running into trouble on homework, check you lesson (completed in class) first, and then we can review at lunch recess.

        Monday:  Show what you know (pg. 3) and 1.1: Divide Multi-digit numbers
                    Target: I can divide multi-digit numbers.
                    Homework: 1.1 all

       Tuesday: 1.2:Prime Factorization
            Target: I can write the prime factorization of a number.
             Homework: 1.2 (#9 should be completed from class)

       Wednesday: 1.3: Least Common Multiple
                    Target: I can determine the least common multiple of two numbers. 
                    Homework: 1.3 (#12 should be completed from class)

        Thursday: 1.4: Greatest Common Factor
                Target: I can find the greatest common factor of two numbers.
                Homework: 1.3 (no #12)

        Friday: Review of lessons 1-4
                Target: I can find the prime factorization, least common multiple and greatest common 
                Homework: none 

IXL standards are great practice for students at home.  Most of our lessons directly coincide with IXL targets. 

*Expect homework on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  It is very possible for your child to complete some homework in class due to the time used wisely in class. 

In order to receive information about upcoming events and/or reminders, pleasetext the message @fes6thgra to 81010

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Feel free to email me with any concerns at  Please call the office for immediate messages.  Sometimes we are just having too much fun to check emails :)