Mrs. Sumner

                   Happy Fall Y'all!     

 October 2-6
Please send money to Mrs. Harrell for the 
upcoming Fall Party.  
Donations are needed for the 
Second Grade Basket  - Bonfire
Snack Cart will begin this Friday.  Students
may purchase a snack IF they have been on GREEN all week.  
      Remind 101 code has been changed.Enter this number 81010.
   Text this message @f8c38k.  

    Reading: Dona Flor

Vocabulary Words: 
respected  rattled  tangle  commotion
shivering  advice  

Read: Welcome to a New Museum
 in Red Ladybug Book 

   Spelling Words: Test on Friday

       need  baby  we  queen  eat  leaf  he  mean 
seek  pony  hundreds  tens  twenty  thirty  forty  
fifty  sixty  seventy  eighty  ninety 

Chapter 2

   Math:  Make index cards for math addition and subtraction facts.  20 cards in all  
       4                      4
     +1    through  +10

      14                        5
    -   4  through     -   4

     * Practice flash cards every day! 

Flash Cards 3s Quiz Friday 

Spanish Class with Mrs. Beach
We have begun to learn to speak Spanish!  
Mrs. Beach volunteers her time every Friday 
to help us learn a new language.  

  Science:  Solar System  

 ** We need parent volunteers to help with reading groups.  Our Regional Board Office requires that volunteers submit a background check and fingerprints.  If you would be willing to help, we can get you started with that process.  







Look up AR points and comprehension scores 
Want to know if a book is an Accelerated Reading book?  Need to know a book level?   
Work in IXL in second grade E.1

IXL access at home for math practice
Use the same log in as your AR account

Math Lessons:
Check your child's backpack for daily math
practice pages.  Math page tells which Math on the Spot Tutorial to watch.                                      

Click Here for the Math on the Spot Tutorial Videos

Click Here for the Go Math Student Interactive Lessons