Mrs. Stephens

5th Grade

 Welcome to 5th Grade! 

Class Mission Statement
Our 5th grade mission is to become a smart 5th grade family.  We will have a positive attitude and do our best.  We will never give up
so that we reach our goals.  We will have a fun and amazing year.  We will prepare ourselves for 6th grade and also be good role models.
We will be loyal to our mascot.  Go Lancers!
Written by the Franklin Fifth Grade, 2017 - 2018
 L earn
   A chieve
                                  N o excuses! - College Bound
                 C haracter Counts
       E xcellence
                          R eaching For Our Goals
   S ucceed



Attention Parents
Please check your child's  "take home" folder each night for graded papers, important notes, the latest menu, etc.  Also, students have been asked to write down their daily assignments and upcoming tests.  This will keep students prepared and parents informed.  Please make sure that your child is doing this each day.

 Specials Schedule
Monday- Art
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- PE
Friday- Computers
*Extra PE every other Friday

October 16th - 20th
Friday- Field Trip to Fort Massac's Encampment

 Math- Ch. 2 Math Test Tuesday 
*Please continue to review basic math facts at home. Basic facts must be mastered in order to do 5th grade math. 
A multiplication tables sheet has been sent home for practice.
All students are to keep a Math folder for vocabulary cards and papers from the Chapter we are currently on.

Social Studies- We will continue Unit 2: Exploration and Colonization. 
   All students are responsible for keeping a Social Studies vocabulary notebook.
  Students should periodically review the definitions of the vocabulary for the Unit we are currently on to prepare for Unit tests.

 Science- We will continue Ch. 2: Plant Structure and Function
Leaf Collections were AWESOME!! 
         All students are responsible for keeping a Science folder with completed worksheets for the current chapter to use in reviewing for tests.

   Spelling- "These Robots are Wild"  List on pg. 43 and on Spelling City.  
    Test Thursday
Reading- "These Robots are Wild"
    Test Thursday
All students are responsible for keeping a Reading vocabulary notebook.  Students should study the vocabulary for the current story to help prepare for the test on Friday.
Skills covered this week: vocabulary, comprehension, author's purpose, roots.             
Language- We will continue Unit 1. 

  SpellingCity banner
Try using the link above for Spelling practice. Click on this week's story, and the correct word list will show up.  You can choose games to play, practice, test, & more!  Have Fun!!! 


Have A Great Week!
Mrs. Stephens