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Weekly Topics

Week Beginning
December 11
 This week's red book story:  Rose Robot Cleans Up 
High Frequency words:  after, old, new, find, done, work 
 Yellow book story:   Snakes (we read this at school each day)

Students will not bring home a yellow book this year.  We do not have enough books for all of the students.  This is an old supplemental reading series that I utilize at Franklin, new books aren't available.  

Yellow Book stories all have AR tests!  Some red book stories have AR tests later in the year.  

When you read a story with your child ask them the following key questions:
1.  Ask them to predict what they believe the story will be about by looking at the title.

2.  What is the genre of the story (fiction or non-fiction)?

3.  What is the author's purpose for writing the story (to entertain, to give information, to persuade)?

4.  Who are the characters?

5.  Have you read a story with similar characters?

6.  What is the setting of the story?

7.  What is the plot (problem) in the story?

8.  Does this story make you think of anything you've done before? 

9.  Did you learn a lesson from this story?


Every child should read his/her stories out loud every night.  Please encourage your child to read books that interest them. 


 Checkout this cool website.  It is a fun way to
practice and learn the spelling list each week. Use the link below to find the current week's story list.
Spelling List:
You can find our spelling list at
We will have the pre-test on Wed.  And any words missed on Wed. will be retested on Friday's final test

Ch 6
Lesson 6.1 Monday, Lesson 6.2 Tuesday, Lesson 6.3 Wednesday, Lesson 6.4 Thursday, Lesson 6.5 Friday. 

Please continue to practice DOUBLES fact flashcards.  Knowing this by memory will help your child tremendously!

Remember, the important concept is that each child learn to add and subtract accurately.  
We will be learning multiple strategies for addition and subtraction.  
The method I prefer is counting on to add and subtract.  
What that means is when adding your child puts the bigger number in his/her head and counts up the other number using his/her fingers.
For subtraction, your child will put the smaller number in his/her head and count up to the bigger number using his/her fingers.  

 IXL is a great tool to help skills stay fresh.  Please use it at home!
We practice counting the multiples of 2, 5, & 10 orally everyday!

Ms. Davis will be teaching this area.  Please refer to her for weekly lessons.  

Quiz every Friday.  5 questions and a writing section.  

We are learning about writing sentences.  
Every sentence must start with a capital letter, end with punctuation, make a complete thought, and have all the words in order.  
There is a weekly grammar quiz each Friday. 

We are constantly working on writing sentences that begin with a capital letter, end with punctuation, and contain a complete thought.  This will be something we will do all year long.  Always, remind your student that it is important to begin and end a sentence correctly. 
One goal for writing is to restate the question to answer it. 
For example: 
What is your favorite day of the week?  My favorite day of the week is Sunday.
We practice this skill every day with the daily journal question. 

Another important goal for writing in the 1st grade for the student to be able to write a paragraph containing 4-5 sentences that stay focused on the topic.  
For example:
Student is asked to write about their favorite animal.  The student would write about only one animal and give many details about that one animal and not mention other animals.       
Encourage your child to write as neatly as possible.  It is important that the writing is legible.  As I
remind the students often, their handwriting must be legible to become a superstar 2nd grader (which
is the goal for every 1st grader).  Please remind them to take their time and write neatly!! 

Social Studies

We use a "Weekly Reader/Scholastic News" to learn about various Social Studies and Science topics. 

"Weekly Reader/Scholastic News" and "Ag in the Classroom"

Character Counts
Six Pillars of Character

Character is the person you are when no one is watching....Do you have good character or not so good character????