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Supply List



District 1st Grade Supply List

Pencil Box

Pencils (YELLOW #2 ONLY) at least 5 already sharpened
2 pocket folders (Heavy plastic is preferrable)

Box of Crayons

Blunt Scissors

Glue stick/bottle (preferrably glue sticks-several)

Mrs. Neely's Suggested Items

2 notebooks to record daily assignments (labeled with name and "assignments")

2 notebooks for daily writing journal (labeled with name and "journal")

Ruler with inches & centimeters

2 large erasers or pencil topper erasers

Classroom Supplies
Box of soft tissue
Box of quart zipper seal bags


*Please, put your name on all supplies

*Please, no ink pens or mechanical pencils

*Please, no handheld pencil sharpeners

*Please, no trapper keeper type binders

Students WILL NOT be allowed to keep bottles of hand sanitizer at their desk

*Please, no toys at school!