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1st Grade
 Welcome to 1st Grade

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Welcome to Mrs. Neely's 1st Grade.  I graduated from Murray State University with bachelor of science degrees in Finance (1996) and Elementary Education (2008).  I received my Master of Science in Educational Administration (2013) from McKendree University.  
I have lived in Massac County all of my life.  I am married to Greg Neely and have two children, Campbell & Bennett.  
I look forward to getting to know each of you this year.  Please feel free to contact me at

1st Grade Text Remind System
 If you would like to receive classroom information via our group TEXT reminder system for 1st grade, please text 81010 with the message @franklin1.  I will send information about tests, homework, early dismissal etc.  
***You can reply to any class messages and it sends me a private text message.  ***

Also, don't forget to register for Ms. Davis's TEXT remind as well.  A note was sent with the sign up info.  

Monitor Your Student's Grades
All student usernames and a temporary password were sent home on August 29.  If you have questions, please let me know.  

This is a great resource for math help.  Check it out if you need a way to help your child.  
You can go to
Please type in the web address to access the resources.

To access your student's Math Curriculum (Go Math) at home use the following link, 
This site provides many resources for helping your child learn math skills.  There are videos that teach each lesson and an interactive textbook.  
Your student has received a sheet with directions for logging on, along with a username & password.  
Your child will use our AR program extensively in the first grade.  Your student has a new goal each nine weeks.  A reward will be given to those who meet their AR point goal & comprehension goal.  Each student must maintain at least 85% comprehension to be eligible to receive the AR reward. 
You can check your child's AR progress by registering at the following link.  GO TO AR HOMECONNECT.
You must log in using your child's AR username & password. 
You can elect to receive an email each time your student takes a test.  This is a great way to monitor your student's AR progress.
 Spelling City
You can find each week's spelling list by clicking--- GO TO SPELLING CITY.  There are many fun games & a test me mode where your student can independently practice for the test. 
Your student has access at home and at school to a great math practice website.  This site is organized by math skill.  If your child is having difficulty with a certain skill, you can look on IXL and find the skill for your student to practice.  I receive weekly reports updating me on your child's use of IXL by skill.  Your child can log in by clicking--- GO TO IXL using his or her AR username and password. 

I have sent home a resource guide to help you know which skills in IXL coordinate with Go Math daily lesson.  This is very helpful.  Please use the guide and let your child work, work, work on IXL!
Star Behavior

Each day your child receives a mark on the daily star sheet to indicate where your child's name ended the day.  Green is where everyone starts each day.  The first star move is to yellow, then to orange, and finally to red. 
Your child receives a 10 point deduction from the weekly conduct grade for each time he/she must turn his/her star for negative behavior choices. 
Please encourage your child to make good behavior choices at school and on the bus.  It is important for each student to learn to control impulses to act outside of expected classroom behavior. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 
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